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KR Cargo Logistics, one of the best air cargo companies in Bangalore offer freight services covering a large network of agents and businesses spanning across continents. We have the requisite skills and expertise, as well as adequate manpower for flexible management of client requirements across various business supply chains. By having a reliable relationship with local vendors and suppliers, we can tailor our services, including the routes as well as the pricing, to meet our client requirements. We deliver value and efficiency for your business by handling all your transportation functions. We provide end-to-end solutions for freight management, that has been custom engineered to meet your unique business needs. Our quite comprehensive work models are based on the supply chain and logistics management and information technology. We work with these holistic models to provide you with the best air freight services in India.

Our Air Freight Services

Air freight is the process of transferring your goods from one place to another by air. Although expensive, it’s regarded as the fastest and most convenient mode of transportation. And by using the air freight services of KR Cargo Logistics, your brand can be positively impacted in terms of increase in demand. Also, you will be able to establish good credibility for your business. As a leading logistics company, KR Cargo Logistics, one of the best air cargo companies in India offer the most efficient and reliable air freight services. KR Cargo Logistics come with an exceptional CRM network and have its offices in almost all the major airports. By collaborating with all the major airlines and maintaining strict delivery schedules, KR Cargo Logistics ensure that the goods are delivered safe and sound. And by being well-equipped to cater to time-sensitive air cargo Bangalore consignments, our air cargo operations work 24/7 to ensure on-time delivery. By properly analyzing your requirements, we offer you a fully comprehensive package, keeping the process easy and transparent. And although the cost of air freight depends on how much the shipments weigh, there may be additional charges too. At KR Cargo Logistics, we strive to quote all the necessary costs involved in the process, thereby providing you with services at the best possible rates. We are dedicated to following the highest business standards as well as ethics. Our team ensures customers always get the best services. Additionally, we also ensure our customers get nothing but the best out of our freight services. Our main aim is to provide customer satisfaction at its fullest.

Key Features and Benefits of Our Air Freight Services

KR Cargo Logistics air cargo services in Bangalore are one of the fastest and safest ways to get your shipments from anywhere across the country. We are committed to delivering shipments of any capacity across different time zones. Regardless of what your shipment size is, we at KR Cargo Logistics offer the best possible logistics solutions. We have collaborated with all major airlines of the country to ensure you get your packages on time, at affordable prices. We have got highly efficient support teams to cater to all our customer's shipment needs as well as to answer any questions related to the shipment. We have also got a highly advanced, real-time tracking system that allows us to precisely locate the shipments and packages. We deliver packages across the globe by coordinating with our agents and vendors, and ensure the packages are cleared at customs and safely reach your doorstep.

Why Choose KR Cargo Logistics

Vendor Partnerships

We have partnered with some of the biggest vendors and carriers to offer reliable as well as consistent air cargo logistics and facilities like storage and shipment at really affordable prices. We have collaborated with not just one vendor, but with many such reputed vendors and carriers to provide you with the best services, based on your budget. This allows us to design the fastest and most seamless and flexible way to transport your cargo by air.

High Standards, On-time Delivery

We choose our carriers and partners in such a way that they would be able to deliver efficient services of the highest standards. Our vendor partners ensure that your cargo reaches you on time during every shipment cycle.

Services at Affordable Prices

We are tied up with many vendors as well as carriers, allowing us to cater to your needs at affordable prices. And because of these collaborations, you can now get on-time delivery of air cargo India services tailored to your requirements, without compromising on quality.

Efficient Transition Times

We are air freight forwarders in Bangalore, providing air freight services bearing in mind the different time zones of different countries. To cater to the needs of various time zones of the world, we offer a handful of options in sailing schedules, as well as multiple carrier options, which are part of our global air freight network.