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Road Freight Services Provider- KR Cargo Logistics

KR Cargo Logistics offer customized road freight services in India that are both dependable as well as flexible. No matter the size of the shipment, we have all the necessary equipment as well as the capacity to get items to your doorstep. We have professionals who can match your freight with the right vehicle and route. We also have the ability to reallocate resources in case of a sudden change in conditions. Our road transportation services include transporting goods from one place to another, as well as loading and unloading of goods. All services are carried out by experienced freight logistics personnel only. We at KR Cargo Logistics are adept at providing road freight services that transport goods safely to even the remotest of places.

Our Road Freight Services

Domestic Road Freight Services

KR Cargo Logistics offer domestic road freight services to transport heavier items or bulk shipments which are not time sensitive. We deploy our fleet of vehicles to ensure that all your heavy items reach you in a safe and secure manner. We take no more than three days to ship your items by road.

Different Types of Delivery Vehicles

Different types of deliveries require different types of vehicles. So, we offer sound and robust vehicles for road freight services in India, that has the capabilities of handling loads of small as well as large capacities. And once the item is loaded onto the vehicle, you can rest assure it’s safe with us, until it reaches your doorstep.

Line Haul Optimization Services

We provide LTL line haul optimization services based on the types of road freight logistics problems our customers face. Our linehaul optimization services include evaluating load plan changes, optimizing direct freight services, protecting service standards and adjusting terminals overcapacity among others.

Express Road Freight Services

We have got a team of road freight specialists working day and night to provide top-notch road freight services in India. By using vehicles of all sizes and by scheduling transit times, we can cater to every road transportation need, be it light courier vans or even those abnormal loads. Our team is capable of planning and taking the fastest and most economical routes for transporting goods.

Premium Road Freight Services

KR Cargo Logistics provide premium road freight services in Bangalore using highly skilled, trained and certified drivers. When it comes to trucking, we offer some of the premium-most services including van transportation services, container shipping services, custom onsite packaging and crating services and less than load as well as premium less than load shipping services.

Metropolitan Courier Services

Along with offering road freight services in Bangalore, we also offer courier services in various metropolitan cities. We cater to our customer’s individual needs so that we can provide more efficient and effective shipping solutions. We offer courier services that are flexible, cost-effective as well as personalized.

Why Choose Us?

We strive to deliver the best road freight services in Bangalore. By delivering optimal logistics solutions to our clients, we ensure we have stronger core services and innovative technologies and systems that help us give your business a competitive edge. We are your road freight partners who can provide you with line haul and PUD fleet services, robust safety and compliance standards, an extensive global network, strategic partnerships, GPS vehicle tracking, specialized equipment, and freight and shipment tracking technologies among others. We also offer a host of value-added services including warehousing and distribution services, pick and pack services, labeling services, and multimodal transport services among others, like air, water, and land.